Last Updated  July 17, 2014
Paid for by the Gilmer County Republican Party
Ellijay, Georgia
Sally Forest, Chairman
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Located in north Georgia  
about 80 miles north of
Atlanta, in the 9th District    
of Georgia -- one of the
most conservative
Districts in the country.

Population:  28,500
Registered Voters:  14,131
Elected County Officials
who are Republican:  100%

Voter turnout:  74.72%
(11,008 voters)

Voted for Romney:  
(8,920 votes)


The next GOP EVENT is Tuesday,
August 5, at 6:30 pm
at Cartecay
Vineyards in Ellijay.  Our guest is
State Agriculture Commissioner
Gary Black, who has been the
advocate and idea behind the
Georgia Grown program
highlighting Georgia products.  He
will talk about his tenure as
Commissioner and the future of

The event is free and open to all.  
Please come and sample covered
dishes made with  Georgia Grown
products.  Bring  your own covered
dish to share.   Georgia Grown
members are special invited guests.
We thank Georgia Grown member
Cartecay Vineyards and owner
Larry Lykins for providing their
lovely site for this event.  

Then, the GOP meeting on  
September 2, at 6:30 pm is at the
ETC Pavilion, with special guests
Will Kremer, State President of the
College Republicans, and Bruce
Azevedo, Vice Chair of the 9th
District.  Mr. Kremer brings the
young perspective, and Mr.
Azevedo brings the party
perspective, pro and con.    
October 7, 2014 (the last
Gilmer GOP meeting before the
election), we'll focus on the races at
hand, and what has to be done to
keep this State red, and retain a
Republican Senate seat and


Telephone:  706-889-1284
For Online News in
Gilmer County
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           JULY 17, 2014

           Election 2014
The run-off election is July 22.  
You can vote in this  run-off even if you
did not vote in the primary.  You still
have to be a  registered voter though.  
Early voting ends Friday, July 18.  

Voting should be top of your "MUST
DO" list come Tuesday, July 22.   There
are two run-off elections for the Gilmer
County Board of Commissioners alone,
not to mention a Senate race and a
State School Superintendent's race.   

    J C Sanford and Charlie
    Paris are in the run-off
    for the Chairman of the
    Gilmer County Board of
    Commissioners.   Leon
    Watkins and Travis
    Crouch are running for
    the Post 2
    Commissioner seat.  

If you don't vote, and
then you don't
like how things are going later on,
get ready to face the music of fellow

citizens asking where were you when
the elections were held.
Voter turnout is expected to be very
low, and that's a shame, because
virtually every one of these races could
go either way, so every vote counts.  
Also, did you know that Gilmer County
had the highest voter turnout in the 9th
District?  and eighth  highest in the
State?  Let's do better.   

CAMPAIGNING -- It appears that the
candidates for the Commissioner seats
have done a fine of running on
qualifications and their ideas, rather
than going after the other fellow with
personal attacks.  Remember,
campaigners -- after the election, we will
still be seeing each other at church, in
the grocery store, at school or -- a
Commissioners' meeting.  

Humble in victory; gracious in defeat.
for GOP meeting  
Tuesday, August 5.