Last Updated  May 23, 2015
Paid for by the Gilmer County Republican Party
Ellijay, Georgia
Stephen Aaron, Chairman
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee
c 2009-2015
Located in north Georgia  
about 80 miles north of
Atlanta, in the 9th
Congressional District of
Georgia.  The 9th is  the most
conservative District in the
country, and home to
Governor Nathan Deal, Lt.
Governor Casey Cagle,
Speaker of the House David
Ralston, and Secretary of
State Brian Kemp.   

Population:  28,500
Registered Voters:  14,832
Elected County Officials
who are Republican:  100%

Voter turnout:  53.69%
In the top 20% of counties
statewide having the
highest voter turnout;  in
the top 15 counties with
highest percentage vote for
Senator David Perdue.

                          GILMER REPUBLICAN PARTY
             COME TO THE NEXT MEETING ON JUNE 2, 2015
    The Gilmer GOP will host its next meeting
    Tuesday, June 2,  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm at El Rey
    Mexican Restaurant in Ellijay, GA.  It's dutch
    treat if you want to enjoy some dinner.  We
    are looking forward to hearing from Derrick
    Grayson, candidate for Senate and our guest
    for the evening (pictured Right).  This is a really good
    opportunity to ask your questions and get to know this
    candidate.  All are welcome, and there's no requirement that
    you be a "card-carrying" Republican.  In fact, don't think we
    have any of those cards anyway.   

    The County Chairman is Stephen
    Aaron, in the picture at left chairing a
    recent meeting.  He will be happy to
    address any questions you have
    about the direction of the party for the
    next two years, and how you can help
    in ensuring a Republican victory for
    the White House in 2016.  It is not too early to start thinking
    about the critical primary election coming in March of 2016.  

    The primaries in Georgia and across the country, along with
    state who caucus, will determine who the Republican nominee
    will be for the Presidency.  Despite what the polls and pundits
    may say about who is leading or not, it is ultimately up to the
    voters in those primaries and caucus states to decide who will
    win the nomination.  

    If you support one of the candidates running, then get involved,
    because your support and that of others can make a
    difference.  We cannot say it often enough.  It is not the
    Republican Party who decides what candidate will be running
    for President.  It is you, the voter.   Here's how it works.

    Each state has an allocated number of delegates to the
    Republican National Convention, to be held in June of 2016.  
    Those delegates vote on who will be the Republican nominee
    for President.  However, by law, delegates must cast their votes
    based on who their respective states voted for in the primaries,
    unless the candidate for whom they are to vote releases them
    or withdraws.  In Georgia, for example, the total votes in the
    March 2016 primary will be allocated on a proportional basis to
    the candidates, as will the delegates.  Simplified, if Candidate A
    gets 40 percent of the vote, that candidate gets 40 percent of
    Georgia's delegates to the Republican National Convention.  

Telephone:  706-889-1284